Workshop Evaluations

What past participants say about...



Leadership in a Natural Resources Context
  • This class came very highly recommended by so many folks…many said this was the most useful training they had ever attended. So true.
  • The workshop is so well structured and all of the material flowed very well. It was incredible how all of the activities seemed to line up with our personality types. THANK YOU! I absolutely loved this course.
  • (The best thing about the course was..) The instructors and their command and expertise over the content. The class was very engaging, informative and inspiring. I am greatly looking forward to moving ahead with what I’ve learned in the course. It’s probably the best class I’ve ever had in my 20-year career.
  • This was one of the best trainings I have ever taken as a Forest Service employee. This should be a requirement for all employees. I am excited for the future.

Plain, Simple, and Concise Writing
  • Perfect mix of interaction, exercises, and lectures. So often the first two are missing! This class was so good! The examples were excellent.
  • It was very helpful to have examples of terms, topics, and information specific to natural resources. It was much easier to digest information that did not have to be “translated.”
  • The content provided was excellent and will provide excellent tools going forward. I look forward to sharing the knowledge and trying to encourage all NEPA involved people to get to this training.
  • Emphasis on clearer, more concise writing (& strategies & tips) while maintaining important content. During the course, I was able to break through several long-standing writing barriers related to revision of a NEPA report and write concise transitional sentences or paragraphs


Communication in Natural Resources

  • It was all great. I liked the “story telling” and the “new way” of presenting PowerPoints!! (The best!) I would strongly agree with recommending this workshop for other natural resource professionals.
  • The chance to work on a real project—so many workshops you waste so much time on unreal situations—it helped solidify all the ideas so much more applying them to an actual project of mine.
  • The information about presenting and public speaking was incredible. This was one of the best trainings I have had.

Advanced leadership and Communications for Natural Resource Professionals

  • It's great to see how I see myself versus how others see me.  It gives me things that I need to work on.
  • Receiving feedback from my supervisor and really understanding what he was telling me without him actually telling me and how Steve was able to relate that not only to me but also to the bigger picture.
  • Very enlightening that things I thought I did regularly were not visible to others much.
  • The information provided will really help me to focus in on areas to improve & the materials will provide the tools to do it.

Understanding Yourself and Working with Others
  • Steve's background with resource management and knowledge of Forest Service structure & issues is unique and refreshing.  I foresee many ways to apply the information I learned today at work and at home.
  • You kept everyone very interested.  A great workshop. Thank you.